Homo Erectus Facts – The Evolution

When compared to most Homo sapiens, which were able to last for like 200,000 years, it can be said that Homo erectus, also dubbed as the upright man, reigned long – or even longer. This is considered to be the ancient ancestor which is so typical for that of ancient ancestor. This was able to live for more than 2 million years. These will always be read about Homo Erectus Facts. This is not surprising anymore.

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The fossils of H. erectus would somehow show species which were able to live in various locales. These were all across the globe. This may include Kenya, South Africa, Java and even that of China. There is a large geographic and temporal range in which this Homo erectus spans. The relevance of such fossil can be attributed to the fact that it is the evidence that once, they share the same ecology with that of modern humans.

To be even more particular, it can be said that H. erectus share the similar range to that of modern humans and even body sizes. These are the first human ancestor and they will always have the resemblance of limbs and even proportions of their torso. These are all seen in most humans too these days. This would even suggest that walking with two feet was perceived from them. This was true as far as the grassland environment is talked about. This was in contrary to the initial belief that the right way to do such is the swinging from one branch to another.

Not like Australopithecus fossils, the fossils of Homo erectus do not have the features which are related to climbing. Similarly, Homo erectus was also capable of using tools and technology. They also do this for culture and technology in order to hunt for good food. This has been realized too. When it comes to their anatomy, Homo erectus is said to be way taller than that of the human ancestors. When the complete fossil skeletons of them were found, there was a specimen which came along with it. This was of 1.5-million-year-old. This was known as an adolescent male. It was called Turkana Boy. This was also dubbed as Nariokotome Boy. This was able to grow up to at least 6 feet. Adults are most likely to reach 5 feet. This was in accordance to the study conducted by the Journal of Human Evolution.

When it comes to the height, Homo erectus somehow comes with a couple of variation. The brains of such are way larger too. This is true as compared to that of older hominins. This was in accordance to the 2013 overview of the said specie. This was not surprising because the brains would be bigger as their bodies would require more energy so that eventually, they can survive. There was an analyses made to the dental micro-wear. This was also for the stable isotope chemistry concerning H. erectus fossils. There was a suggestion saying that this Homo erectus is flexible enough that it can adapt to any diet there is.