Langston Hughes Facts – Who is he?

Langston Hughes will always be known for his contribution in the Harlem Renaissance era. Since then, he was dubbed as a great novelist, poet, playwright and activist. These are always found in most Langston Hughes facts. Since his death on May 22, 1967, his legacy has been celebrated.

Langston was born on February 1, 1902. Originally, he was raised in Joplin, Missouri. This was passed on to his grandmother though from Lawrence, Kansas because his parents had to separate ways. Ever since he was given in the care of his granny, it was instilled to Langston that racial pride is important in the individuality of people. The same is also true for their love for activism. Mary Patterson Langston really did well in the values formation of Langston.

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More about Langston

It may be surprising to know but during his younger years, Langston was forced to study engineering by his father. This is why he pondered on this more instead of his passion and love for writing. However, he was not able to earn a degree in Columbia. He did not stay in the university for long. He left immediately. He did this by citing that there was racial prejudice in the university. When he was in New York though, his life changed through the discovery of Harlem.

Despite the fact that Columbia is not the best choice for Hughes, he still obtained a bachelor’s degree. When he was in New York, he got to spend several years there. Afterwards, he enrolled in Lincoln University. This was the place that gave him the chance to finally complete his education. He was classmate with Thurgood Marshall, he would then become a Supreme Court justice.

Since then, he decided to be a resident of Harlem. It remained this way for almost all his life. This was also the stage when he took a part in the community of black artists. This paved way to the pursuit of the Harlem Renaissance. He was with Wallace Thurman, Zora Neale Hurston and Counte Cullen during these times. These people served as his contemporaries.

The idea of Communism took the interest of Hughes. As a matter of fact, he viewed this as a way more feasible alternative than going for segregation. This is one of the reasons why he visited the Soviet Union. This also encouraged him to see the entire country. Do not get this wrong though because he did not join the Communist Party officially. Because of this, he was saved from the allegations about Communism. He was also not subjected to the investigations done by Senator Joseph McCarthy. He was not ready to go through serious consequences. His curiosity was not that deep yet.

Hughes also distanced himself away from politics. This occurred despite him being a socialist when he was young. He even wrote political verse during his earlier years. However, this did not make much of an effect. It only transpired in his writing and nothing else.

Facts about Gorillas – Their Role in the Wildlife

Gorillas will always be connected to DNA. They are part of the species of great apes, along with the relatives of humans. Among the other roles are bonobos, chimpanzees and even the orangutans. Basically, these apes are very much different from monkeys. This is the truth for so many reasons. First of all, when it comes to its built, they are larger. They also have the ability to walk upright and they can do this for a long period of time. They do not have any trails with them. Their brains are also larger and developed. These are the most basic facts about Gorillas. There are still more.

As said, there are subspecies of gorillas. These are the Grauer’s gorilla or the eastern lowland, the western lowland gorilla, the mountain gorilla and the Cross River gorilla. Synonymously, these apes have arms too. They are longer as compared to their legs. This is one of the reasons why they can walk with the presence of their four limbs. They can do this at times too. This movement is referred to as knuckle walking. Adult males are called silverbacks. They are distinct since their hair are color silver. This is seen on their backs.

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The appearances of the Gorillas are based on most sub-species. As for most part, there are western subspecies which are always of brownish gray. This is colored in gray. The mountain and eastern gorillas have blackish coat with them too. Most of the time, mountain gorillas are longer. They are also thicker. They have this fur which are all adapted to the habitat of colder mountains. The subspecies are of three lowland. These have sport short, and even fine hair. The largest gorillas are the Eastern lowland gorillas. These are categorized as such among the four subspecies.

Gorillas would always be herbivores. They would also munch in shoots, leaves, vines, fruits and roots. As for their population, there was a report saying that they declined in 5,000. This only goes to show that they are now endangered. There are also fewer which is 300. This is the Cross River gorillas. Mountain gorillas are also decreasing in number. They are only 700.

These gorillas are always ground-dwelling. They would live in various groups from 6 to 12. They are the largest and the oldest. They are the leading families in the silverback. Blackbacks refer to young and younger males. The silverback has the ability to make decision to eat, move, rest and a whole lot more. Since there is a need for the whole family to be protected, the silverback may be really aggressive. If this is the situation, it will definitely beat its chest. This may even be perceived as a threat.

By nature, the gorillas are always shy animals. They are also active during the day. When it is at dusk, the gorilla would construct a nest. This would plant material too. Nursing infants is also one of their tasks. They do this by sharing.

Spanish Inquisition Facts – Establishment and Mark

In the year 1478, the Spanish Inquisition was then established. This served as a court for most heretics detection. Despite this though, it’s true purpose remains untouched and the same. There are many historians out there who would like to point the mixture and combination of religious, political and economic motives. However, it has been realized that throughout, religious would always be predominating. This is not surprising. There are many Spanish inquisition facts that are waiting to be discovered.

The hatred happening around Christians and Jews suddenly became quite notorious. This was the time when most inquisitors were lead to believe that most of their actions were really saved by these Jews. These were the resurrection being waited coming from the atrocious fate waiting in the world under. Ever since the Jews were seen dying because of the hands of the children of God, their spirits were said to have been pervaded by the knowledge and wisdom of the followers of God. This was the main reason why many claim that they would definitely be saved from hell.

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Most of the Spanish government, including its religious officials almost proclaimed that there is a need for a unified race of Christians and Spaniards. This led to the forbidding of intermarriage happening between that of the Christians eventually. The same is also true with the converts and even that of the Jews. As a matter of fact, the purity of blood was said to have been destroyed later on. Since this was the ideal of the Jews, it has been followed religiously. That is why some of them were killed, while there were others who were sent out from the country. This occurred most especially during the suppression of the Spanish Inquisition. This transpired in the 19th century. There were thousands of Jews who practice the living in Spain during these times.

Needless to say, a political justification has taken place in the Spanish Inquisition. This was an existing threat to most of the monarchy there is. Most of the Spanish Christians outraged and during that time, the controlling of the population of Jews had been very much apparent. This was said to be the removal of the actual problem source. Spanish inquisition is perceived to be working this way.

When it comes to financial terms, Spain will not be in any way, considered as a prosperous land back in the 13th-century. This is not surprising because there was a continuous warfare happening between that of Italy and Spain. The same is also true with the conquest of Granada happening. This was responsible for draining the resources of the said country. Both the government and the monarch feared the outcry of the public. It was said that this was the sign of weakness. It even became obvious that there was an increase of power and wealth happening in the community of the Jews. This overt success was enjoyed by some, comparing to the prominence of the Spanish Christians. This was the main difference perceived in here.

Homo Erectus Facts – The Evolution

When compared to most Homo sapiens, which were able to last for like 200,000 years, it can be said that Homo erectus, also dubbed as the upright man, reigned long – or even longer. This is considered to be the ancient ancestor which is so typical for that of ancient ancestor. This was able to live for more than 2 million years. These will always be read about Homo Erectus Facts. This is not surprising anymore.

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The fossils of H. erectus would somehow show species which were able to live in various locales. These were all across the globe. This may include Kenya, South Africa, Java and even that of China. There is a large geographic and temporal range in which this Homo erectus spans. The relevance of such fossil can be attributed to the fact that it is the evidence that once, they share the same ecology with that of modern humans.

To be even more particular, it can be said that H. erectus share the similar range to that of modern humans and even body sizes. These are the first human ancestor and they will always have the resemblance of limbs and even proportions of their torso. These are all seen in most humans too these days. This would even suggest that walking with two feet was perceived from them. This was true as far as the grassland environment is talked about. This was in contrary to the initial belief that the right way to do such is the swinging from one branch to another.

Not like Australopithecus fossils, the fossils of Homo erectus do not have the features which are related to climbing. Similarly, Homo erectus was also capable of using tools and technology. They also do this for culture and technology in order to hunt for good food. This has been realized too. When it comes to their anatomy, Homo erectus is said to be way taller than that of the human ancestors. When the complete fossil skeletons of them were found, there was a specimen which came along with it. This was of 1.5-million-year-old. This was known as an adolescent male. It was called Turkana Boy. This was also dubbed as Nariokotome Boy. This was able to grow up to at least 6 feet. Adults are most likely to reach 5 feet. This was in accordance to the study conducted by the Journal of Human Evolution.

When it comes to the height, Homo erectus somehow comes with a couple of variation. The brains of such are way larger too. This is true as compared to that of older hominins. This was in accordance to the 2013 overview of the said specie. This was not surprising because the brains would be bigger as their bodies would require more energy so that eventually, they can survive. There was an analyses made to the dental micro-wear. This was also for the stable isotope chemistry concerning H. erectus fossils. There was a suggestion saying that this Homo erectus is flexible enough that it can adapt to any diet there is.

ADHD and Sleep Disorders in Children: Better Sleep Can Lead to Better Behavior

The term “sleep deprived” might bring to mind an image of an adult zombie-walking with an empty, outstretched coffee cup. Most adults know from experience that not getting enough sleep the night before makes for a rough day, but at least it’s just an occasional thing for them. Some people experience sleep deprivation on a regular basis due to a sleep disorder, and many of those are children with ADHD.

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According to Marsha Luginbuel, Ph. D., NCSP, sleep disorders deprive up to 10.5 million children of the rest they need; sleep disorders are often overlooked in children. Sleep disorders often affect children who have ADHD. Many children with sleep disorders don’t appear to be sleepy because sleep deprived children often overcompensate with hyperactive behavior and other ADHD symptoms, instead of behaving as a sleep-deprived adult would. Children may not realize that there is something wrong with their sleep, so they can’t tell their parents or doctors. Diagnosis must occur before treatment can begin, and a sleep study is often conducted to help with a diagnosis.

Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders in Children

It is common practice to try mild treatments first, before moving on to stronger options. Doctors may suggest behavioral therapy before prescribing any medications. They may recommend trying a soothing bedtime routine for the child, such as a bath and cup of warm milk. If that doesn’t work, then they may suggest a mild medication that has drowsiness as a side effect, such as Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (brand name Benadryl) an antihistamine, or a low dose of Clonidine, a blood-pressure lowering medication.

Some pediatricians and psychiatrists refuse to prescribe benzodiazepenes or “sleeping pills” to children, citing the possibility of side effects such as slowed heart or respiratory rates. Benzodiazepenes are the family of medications that include diazepam or “Valium.” Other professionals are cautious in prescribing these kinds of medications but do use them when the situation indicates they are needed. Psychiatrist Dr. Naeem Qureshi says that the benzodiazepene commonly used first is clonazepam, in very small doses, gradually increasing the dose until it helps or until undesirable side effects occur. If clonazepam doesn’t work, they move on to other medications such as lorazepam. Parents are cautioned to watch their children carefully when they first begin these types of medications for negative side effects, such as breathing difficulties or becoming overtired during the day.

Results of Proper Treatment for Sleep Disorders

Children who have ADHD and sleep disorders are difficult to treat, but when the proper treatment is found, the results can be impressive. Children’s behavior may improve and their irritability will usually decrease. This can make life run more smoothly, and improve relationships, especially within the family. The children who are treated successfully may be more alert and attentive during the day, and be happier overall. Treating a sleep disorder may reduce or eliminate ADHD symptoms. It may be difficult to find the right treatment, but it’s important that parents try. If a child who has the comorbidity of ADHD and a sleep disorder starts to get better sleep, life can improve dramatically for the child, as well as for the entire family.