A Miracle in the Works? Is Diana Ross Pregnant?

We always love to hear Diana Ross’ voice. She was the lead vocalist of The Supremes during the 1960s. Yes, The Supremes, the all-female group that made it possible for African American soul and R&B musicians to find success in mainstream media. That’s how powerful and influential she is. Being a musician, as well as actress and record producer, her life will be always in the public’s eye. There are rumors that she was pregnant despite being at the age of 71. Are the speculations about Diana Ross pregnant really true? Check out the photos.

On first sight, you will think that this woman is on her early second trimester of pregnancy. But if you know that this was Diana Ross with 71 fruitful years of existence, you will have to rethink that.

By simply considering the physical body attributes, one could easily deduce that she is pregnant. But it seems impossible to happen for Diana, who was 71 years of age when this photo was taken.

Diana Ross is a well renowned and celebrated musician who has made it possible for African American R&B and soul singers to find their niches.

It is not Diana’s problem if people will think that she is pregnant because she looks like 20 years younger than her age.

Is this the start of pregnancy for Diana? Or signs of aging? The ever-gorgeous Diana Ross scuffed off the pregnancy rumors.

Diana Ross still looks stunning after all these years and we will be stunned if she is truly pregnant. It will be a miracle of sorts!

How lovely her voice is just like how lovely she is. We believe that she truly enjoys her life, despite those rumors.

With so many accolades under her belt, it is just normal that the music industry has recognized her contributions from singing to producing great and soulful music.

This is what she looked like while pregnant with one of her five children. If you will scrutinize it, there is a huge difference to the ones circulating today.

With a storied career, Diana Ross will be Diana Ross who continues to serenade us with soulful songs that touch our hearts.